Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers but style is a choice!

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39 Rue Comté Jean-Frédéric d'Autel, 7515 Mersch, Luxembourg.

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Medrola Company is a fashion-forward clothing brand and style community dedicated to instilling confidence and inspiring self-expression. Launched in July 2016 by Medrola Neo. From wardrobe staples to the latest trends, we provide makers, makers, and makers with clothing that is truly versatile. At Medrola, we believe that everyone should dream big and dress accordingly. Our clothing is an adaptation of a megatrend, creating a modern, flexible wardrobe. Featuring premium fabrics, a flawless fit, and impeccable detailing, each style is designed to help you define your style. Our Labels Our Favorite Marketplace features our favorite independent brands. With a heritage embedded in upholstery denim, we believe everyone should feel in their mindset, we prioritize quality over volume and strive to produce minimal designs that are consciously edited for everyday wear. Medrola is a lifestyle brand on a mission to reinvent menswear basics, from jeans to hoodies and even suits. our secret is a combination of intense focus on design's.